Make a Donation


We are grateful for monetary donations of any amount. You can donate in person at ReSource, by mail (Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, 210 2nd Street SE, Hickory NC 28602) or online by clicking the Donate button below:




Please call us (828-256-2695) if you have WORKING  vehicles, or other large donations you wish to make. We will connect your gift with those in need, and make sure you get proper tax documentation.



If you’re cleaning out and want to get rid of JUNK, bring it to ReSource (but please do keep in mind the difference between junk and trash). So many things can be craft supplies — old game pieces, scrapbook paper, wine corks, *clean* jars and bottles… be creative! Your odds and ends of fabric and ribbon can be another person’s starting point for a project. That chair with the missing leg, or the broken lamp in your garage are perfect for the crafty types who shop here!

See our wish list for ideas to get you started. For any items not on our wish list, for all large/bulky items, and for any donation you have questions about, call our store manager, GALE at 828-256-2695.

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